About Reflections

When we’re not at work or scouting market sessions for our clients, we’re home.  Because at the end of every day, just like our clients, home is where we all hang our hearts and where trusted memories live.

So what makes us, us?

We’re a talented team of interior designers, who just happen to all be women. We love what we do & live in the details – this is where our expertise and skills shine! We like to think of ourselves as creative problem solvers – we re-shape existing spaces & create new ones. 

Marissa Matiyasic


Marissa is the Principal, NCIDQ certified, Interior Designer with over 15 years of experience.  Marissa holds a BS in Interior Design from Bowling Green State University and previously held the position as President for the Ohio North Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

When she’s not designing homes, you can find Marissa at home with her husband and 2 children who keep her heart full and her feet moving. Marissa has a knack for floral design & fabrics and always finds her place next to the bride (24 weddings and counting!)

For Marissa, the essence of design is to create harmony in our spaces, which leads to harmony in ourselves. That’s why she believes good design doesn’t just reshape our homes, it reshapes our lives.

Katie Tumino

Lead Interior Designer

Interior Design was always in Katie’s life plan, as she grew up watching her Dad craft beautiful homes as a Carpenter. Her goal is simple – to create spaces that reflect the people that live there. It’s through her organization, creativity &  dedication to the design process that each project feels uniquely personal. Katie earned her BA in Interior Design from The University of Akron & has been with Reflections since 2013.

With her husband & 2 young boys who keep her living in the moment, she loves to research & will always “Google it” when in doubt. She wholeheartedly believes that by doing the hardest things first, everything else feels simple in comparison. You can often find Katie watching The Office on repeat, taking walks with her boys, & reading – all activities that bring joy to her life.

Shelby Reed

Shelby Reed

Business Manager

Inspired by a family history of entrepreneurship, Shelby decided she wanted to pursue business studies and graduated with a BBA in Finance & Marketing from Kent State. We first met Shelby as she was hired as an intern to manage our Social Media account but that role quickly transitioned from intern to Social Media Strategist and now as our Business Manager.  Shelby brings business knowledge, a love for systems, marketing expertise, finance experience and a passion for creativity to our team!

Shelby is always trying new recipes, crafting, and hiking with her pup. She is always on the hunt for vintage or unique pieces to add to her home. She believes that everyone should strive to design a life they love.

Margaret Pierce

Margaret Pierce

Finance Director

With a BFA in Interior Design from Miami University, Margaret didn’t expect her career path to lead her to the financial world.  Her first experience in the interior design industry urged her to learn what it takes to run the finances at an interior design firm.  Her financial experience and understanding of design is what makes Margaret such an asset to our team at Reflections.

Margaret is a mother to three young kids and spends her time volunteering, which leads to a very busy life!  Margaret loves to bake, travel & spend time exploring our Great Lakes with her husband & family.

Lindsay Henderson

Lindsay Henderson

Procurement Coordinator

Upon graduating with a BS in speech and hearing from Cleveland State, Lindsay found herself as the CEO operating a successful bakery.  After running the bakery for 10 years, Lindsay sought out new challenges ultimately leading to more time with her family.  Her business ownership experience allows her to thrive at Reflections, managing client’s orders so they may have the best experience! 

After work you’ll find Lindsay jumping between sporting events for her 3 children. Of course, she still loves to bake (even making a boxed cake mix taste luxurious!).  She likes to wind down with a glass of Riesling while painting or drawing for some much-needed relaxation.

We love what we do. 

We care about how our clients live, how they relax and how they like to entertain. Whether we’re working on a new build or remodel, we’re always looking for the potential of beauty wherever it may be.  

Now, let’s talk about you.

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