About Reflections

When we’re not at work or scouting market sessions for our clients, we’re home.  Because at the end of every day, just like our clients, home is where we all hang our hearts and where trusted memories live.

So what makes us, us?

We’re a talented team of interior designers, who just happen to all be women. We love what we do & live in the details – this is where our expertise and skills shine! We like to think of ourselves as creative problem solvers – we re-shape existing spaces & create new ones. 

Marissa Matiyasic


Katie Tumino

Interior Designer

Brittney Holliday

Design Assistant

Chantell Hargrave

Office Assistant
Margaret Pierce

Margaret Pierce

Finance Director

We love what we do. 

We care about how our clients live, how they relax and how they like to entertain. Whether we’re working on a new build or remodel, we’re always looking for the potential of beauty wherever it may be.  

Now, let’s talk about you.

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