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Design Parcel

Design parcels are the perfect solution for someone who wants design guidance but is ready to implement & pull everything together on their own. Design parcels are for blank slate rooms – we will incorporate a piece or two of existing furniture if requested.

Parcels are intended to give you a furniture plan & shopping list for your room. We will help you select furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows & a few decorative accessories.

Please note: this is for furnishing a room that does not require any construction

(Sorry, no kitchens or bathrooms!).


At the end, you will have:


Scaled floor plan with sizes shown for each piece of furniture.


Design board showing the style & furniture suggestions for your room. Typical pieces included will be furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows & a few decorative accessories.


Shopping list curated just for you with links – creating a simple purchasing process.

How does it work?

StepĀ 1: Measure & photograph your space

Using a measurement guide that we will provide – measure your room – making sure to note windows, doors & any other permanent fixtures in the space.

Step 2: Take inventory & complete the questionnaire

Do you have any existing pieces (furniture, lights, accessories, rugs, artwork) you want incorporated into the design? Maximum of 2-3 existing items is best. Take pictures & measurements (width, depth, height) of the items you want us to work with. Also – complete the questionnaire! This helps give us more information on your space & goals you have for it.

Step 3: Send the info

Email all the information to us! We will review & let you know we have everything we need or if there is anything missing.

Step 4: Design phase & document delivery

Once everything needed is received – we start working on your project! When complete we will upload your room layout, design board & shopping list to the portal. We’ll send you an email when everything is ready for you.

Step 5: Review parcel & request any additional design work

Go over all the information sent & contact us if you require any additional design work. Please refer to the information above for pricing.

Other services available at an hourly rate:

  • Alternate options of previous items suggested.
  • Additional items, i.e. drapery or artwork selection/ placement.

Step 6: Implementation

Put together your room & upload photos of the final product! We’ll share your hard work in our Instagram stories (with your permission of course!).

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