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Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Everyone needs an advocate for good design.

Having an interior designer is like having a road map; without one, you would have no idea what direction you’re headed, and may spend more money and time trying to change directions.

As interior designers, we create a master plan for your home and work with various trades to ensure your design story is a reflection of you.

We source items from our trusted vendor partners for furnishings & finishes – giving us an opportunity to customize each piece to fit the project.

We make selections based on your unique preferences, tastes, how you live & the architecture of your home. Which means, no two projects are alike, and your home will be a reflection of you & who you share it with.

When should I hire an interior designer?

It’s never too soon. We want to be part of the conversation from the very beginning. As designers, we see the big picture and want to share this with the entire team of architects, builders and general contractors at the start of any project.

What size projects do you take on?

We are a full-service design firm and request that projects include minimum of 3 rooms with a scope of work that includes furnishings, flooring finishes, lighting, and accessories.

We also offer Reflections AT HOME design parcels. This is a virtual design option for projects that only require a floor plan & assistance with retail furniture selections. This is a great solution for someone who needs some guidance in layout & furnishings but can handle the ordering! (Please note this option is not for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or anything requiring construction changes.)

If you feel you have a great project that does not meet the above criteria but would still like to talk with us – please reach out to us with an email at [email protected]

We want to work with you. Now what?

A great place to start is at the beginning, so let’s get to know each other. We want to hear about how you live, how you relax and how you like to entertain. All of this insight goes into our design process and ultimately your home. Visit our contact page to submit a form – please give us as much information as possible!

Will you travel for a project?

We will travel anywhere! Much of our work can be seen throughout Northeast Ohio, but we have commissioned projects nationwide.

Travel costs are at the client’s expense which will be agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Typically 4-5 on site trips will be required, but most of the work will be completed in our Cleveland office.

How long will our project take?

Great design takes time and many variables will determine the timeframe of any project. At the onset of your project we’ll discuss timing expectations.

How does the furnishings and finish selection work?

Our goal is to make this entire process easy yet collaborative for our clients. As such, we’ll handle all of that leg work. We make our selections with great care & intention. Our goal with every project is to create a cohesive design throughout – through
distinct elements that all work together harmoniously.

We pull furniture and fabrics from our trusted vendor partners, giving us an opportunity to truly curate your space & customize pieces as appropriate.

If you are looking for help selecting retail items that you can purchase directly, our Reflections AT HOME design parcel would be a great fit for you!

At Home Design Parcels

Looking for design guidance, but ready to implement on your own? Our design parcels would be the right fit for you.

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